High-tech glasses for trauma doctors have the potential to change emergency resuscitation at The Alfred, starting next year.

Google Glass for Enterprise

The National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI) at The Alfred has partnered with Dialog Information Technology to develop voice-activated, heads-up display glasses that combine the Trauma Reception and Resuscitation System (TR&R) with Google Glass for Enterprise.

Project lead at NTRI & Director of Trauma Services at The Alfred Mark Fitzgerald said the glasses have the potential to save thousands of lives across the globe and will enable connectivity in trauma resuscitation that has never been seen before. 

“This will vastly improve decision-making during resuscitation,” Professor Fitzgerald said.

“It’s exciting to be working with technology that hasn’t previously been used in emergency departments – and being involved in the development means we can tailor it specifically for the work we’re doing every day.

“In future, we will be able to connect junior doctors in the ED with senior doctors off site, as needed. We will be able to connect with hospitals in developing countries to provide advice on trauma patients, which ultimately will save lives.”

The TR&R system gives hospital trauma teams computerised decision support for the first 60 minutes of trauma patient resuscitation. Patient data including vital signs, diagnoses and treatments are entered into the TR&R System directly from a monitor or by the Trauma Nurse Leader.

Based on this data, the system prompts the trauma team in real time to confirm the state of the patient, perform procedures and administer drugs as well as assisting with diagnosing injuries.

Professor Mark Fitzgerald & Dr Peter Finnegan trial the glasses

Professor Mark Fitzgerald & Dr Peter Finnegan trial the glasses

Combining TR&R with Google Glass will mean doctors have vital patient information – including heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and more - right in front of their eye, without having to leave or look away from the patient. 

The glasses also have a camera and 4G+ connectivity, which will enable trauma teams to connect with medical specialists off-site.

Daniel Milford, National Practice Lead for Dialog’s Google Solutions Practice, said he was proud to partner with NTRI to bring this concept into reality.

"This exciting application of Glass for Enterprise in emergency resuscitation will significantly improve the physicians’ decision making ability and consequently patient outcomes. I look forward to introducing these solutions to improve the provision of medical care and enhance collaboration between doctors," Mr Milford said.

The prototype is expected early 2018.